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Breakdowns and repairs

Breakdowns and repairs 24 hours.

The passage of time, frequency of use, poor installation and poor maintenance are the main consequences of the pools of an issue such as: the loss or leakage of water, broken pipes, sewage failure, obstruction Area and other impurities in the filters, skimmers or failure of the cleaner ... and several more that we can improvistos happen in our pool. Our technicians are available 24hrs a day, and no fault will cause mishaps and trouble.

Comprehensive maintenance of swimming pools, outdoor or indoor
Cleaning and disinfection of the water and stabilize the chlorine and pH values​​.
Adecuación de Instalaciones a normativa vigente.
Air conditioning
Chemical water treatment products and quality approved.
Status report of the facility and professional advice to individuals and communities.
Supply, sale, installation and technical support, parts and components for swimming pools, saunas, steam baths and spas / hot tubs.
Analytical bacteriological control of the water and saturation levels of water.
Analytical bacteriological control of the water and saturation levels of water.

Special offer for the 2012 season

Owners’ communities

Free winter maintenance

Free winter maintenance, including water treatment for new customers
who contract ... read the full offer.

The perfect way to bring beauty, elegance and relaxation to your garden, yard or wherever you find convenient.

Automatic Pool Cleaners
Automatic pool cleaner handle the task of cleaning your pool automatically with their programming capability.

Swimming Pool Covers
Our covers keep your pool protected in the winter.

Notification of faults