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Pool covers

Pool covers

One of the most important qualities of the cover pool is that it prevents the passage of light. Without this light it is impossible to live microorganisms that stain the water the color that ugly green. By early summer, just have to remove the cover, clean pass - funds and the water will be completely clean, without change, saving the precious item, and working with the environment.

In addition, completely abolishes the risk of potential bottlenecks in the flow pipe, by falling leaves, soil, or other items. What's more, thanks to the air cushion between the water and the canvas in the winter suppresses the formation of ice, which as you know, is a common cause of breakage or cracking of the glass of the pool.

Covers summer

Covers summer or isothermic also keep the water cleaner prevents the formation of algae and the effect of the sun cause increased water temperature. Covers allow bubbles

  • Keep the water temperature (especially at night)
  • Earn a few degrees of temperature, especially on sunny days.
  • Save maintenance products (chlorine, etc ...)
  • Saving water in the pool as it reduces the natural evaporation.
  • Polieteleno sheet 400 and with anti-UV.
  • Anti-oxidant to prevent degradation of polieteleno by the sun.
  • Ultrasonically welded which ensures a more robust, easier maintenance and better finish.

Winter Covers

There are different winter covers, opaque filter and raffia. Removes frost, creating a cushion of insulating air between the water and cover.

  • Prevents dirt that normally falls into the pool such as leaves, branches, etc ...
  • Prevents decay, when the inside of the black-colored cover keeps out the sun, suppressing photosynthesis and keeping the water clean for a year to year.
  • The cover has drains for rainwater drainage.

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