Crta. de Boadilla nº 7, Majadahonda
28220 - Madrid
Tel. (+34) 91 640 60 69
Our Team

  • Diego Peláez
    Technical Director

  • Pablo Rodríguez

  • Anuska Peláez
    Technical Architect

  • Javier García
    Physical technician

  • Patricia Ruiz

  • Rafael Morato

What we do

Comprehensive maintenance of indoor and outdoor swimming pools.
Water treatment and disinfection and chlorine and pH factor stabilization.
Adaptation of facilities to meet current regulations.
Chemical water treatment using top-quality authorized products.
Troubleshooting and repairs.
Facility status report and professional consulting for individual customers and residential communities

Our team of highly qualified professionals is backed by wide-ranging expertise and experience in the supply, installation and comprehensive maintenance of swimming pools, saunas, whirlpools and steam baths.

We are happy to provide assistance and advice in the variety of fields in which our company specializes.

Our global service includes availability of lifeguards, engineers, architects and specialized technicians. We carry out safety and security consulting to ensure that your facilities fulfill all requirements in this area, and our certified professional lifeguards are dedicated to meeting your surveillance and accident prevention needs.

24-hour breakdowns and repairs service
We provide round-the-clock breakdown and repair service. Call us at any time!

The perfect way to bring beauty, elegance and relaxation to your garden, yard or wherever you find convenient.

Automatic Pool Cleaners
Automatic pool cleaner handle the task of cleaning your pool automatically with their programming capability.

Swimming Pool Covers
Our covers keep your pool protected in the winter.

Special offer for the 2012 season

Owners’ communities

Free winter maintenance

Free winter maintenance, including water treatment for new customers
who contract ... read the full offer.
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