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Automatic Cleaners

Automatic Cleaning robots

Automatic pool cleaners are maintenance machines that leave a pool in perfect condition with no effort on your part. Available for all pool shapes and depths. Clean the bottom, walls and even the edge of your pool. Up to 3 year warranty at full capacity. The decision can enjoy and relax at the same time.

Astral Robots

The range of automatic pool cleaners AstralPool has n ñ ed sid or design, created s s manufactured exclusively for us by the prestigious company, pioneered the development of cleaning robots, Maytronics, winning over the years the trust of thousands professional pool of sde yusuario sen tod oel world.

Deep Cleaning

As part of the developments referred to deep cleaning and maintenance of our pools, we have presented a variety of cleaners that are easily adapted to the times and needs of users. In this sense, robots Maytronics and Astral us dazzled by his intelligence, efficiency and skill maintenance.

Special offer for the 2012 season

Owners’ communities

Free winter maintenance

Free winter maintenance, including water treatment for new customers
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24-hour breakdowns and repairs service
We provide round-the-clock breakdown and repair service. Call us at any time!

The perfect way to bring beauty, elegance and relaxation to your garden, yard or wherever you find convenient.

Swimming Pool Covers
Our covers keep your pool protected in the winter.

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