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Portable spas

Portable Spas

In Naturpool we are not only selling our products we want the client to discover the benefits of being part of the family Naturpool. All our activities are based on a fundamental principle: the creation of an incomparable satisfaction unmatched in the spa industry. Our goal is to offer the highest quality SPAS, technology and comfort.

Thermal Spas

Everyone likes to relax in a thermal spa, including hot pools, cold water with different salinities. Our knowledge in the world hydrothermal allow construction work to support optimizing resources and facilitating the realization of complex projects, with a high specialization in each of the areas we address, allowing to increase the quality of the finished product and can meet deadlines and quality compromised.


There are two types of claims most abundant in this type of school: stress treatments or cures and beauty programs. Balneotherapy has no limit of age, is beneficial to all and can and should be applied in many diseases, rest cures or anti-stress. Also wrinkle treatments, slimming and cellulite, they become very important in spas. To achieve these objectives spas must be constructed properly and with the materials of the highest quality. In Naturpool spare no resources to achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

24-hour breakdowns and repairs service
We provide round-the-clock breakdown and repair service. Call us at any time!

Automatic Pool Cleaners
Automatic pool cleaner handle the task of cleaning your pool automatically with their programming capability.

Swimming Pool Covers
Our covers keep your pool protected in the winter.

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