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Enjoy all the benefits of disinfected water odor, taste or itching in the eyes. With salt electrolysisequipment more ionization, you will have a more crystalline water by its action disinfectant, bactericide and flocculating.
You get much nicer bathrooms.
Generates chlorine from common salt dissolved in water, also incorporating electronic box in thecopper and silver ionization are powerful bactericidal agents and flocculants.


The combined compounds of chlorine (or chloramines) are responsible for the characteristic odor of"chlorine" associated with chlorinated indoor swimming pools.
They also cause irritation to eyes and skin, and are the leading cause of rust in indoor complex.Ultraviolet light not only destroys the chloramines, it is also a very effective disinfectant itself. Virtually no microorganisms that are immune to UV light, even chlorine-resistant pathogens.


Research shows that most people and children eat about 100 to 300 ml of water while swimming in apool.
Ozone is the technology used to protect swimmers and are free of skin rashes, eye irritation, hair loss,cloudy pool water, odor and chemicals.

The ozone water treatment is in accordance with international standards and approved by all international standards.

24-hour breakdowns and repairs service
We provide round-the-clock breakdown and repair service. Call us at any time!

The perfect way to bring beauty, elegance and relaxation to your garden, yard or wherever you find convenient.

Automatic Pool Cleaners
Automatic pool cleaner handle the task of cleaning your pool automatically with their programming capability.

Swimming Pool Covers
Our covers keep your pool protected in the winter.

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